A caravan through Mexico heads north


At one point, over a thousand people were approaching the Mexican/American border.

  • Migrants, most of them Hondurans, left southern Mexico on March 25 and walked north, hitchhiking rides when possible as they left behind the extreme violence and never-ending poverty in their homelands.
  • The group includes about 300 children and 400 women, according to a Buzzfeed reporter who traveled with them.
  • The march happens every year as a way–not only for someone to flee a miserable life–but also for advocates to bring attention to these vulnerable populations of migrants.

A few other details:

  • They travel in large groups for safety.
  • March organizers set up asylum workshops for the migrants, as many planned to either appeal for the process in Mexico or the U.S.

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But, also, take the time to geek out on a few of the president’s tweets on the caravan.

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