Accusations of abuse of power by President Trump lead to impeachment inquiry

An anonymous “whistleblower” complaint claims that President Trump withheld funding to Ukrainian leaders to pressure them to investigate 2020 political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

This abuse of power–or use of his office for personal gain–has prompted an impeachment inquiry.

The president has admitted to discussing Biden with Ukraine, but has denied using the aid package to pressure Ukraine. He also insists that the focus should be on the conduct of the former vice president who, he claims, used his office to get the prosecutor general of Ukraine dismissed in order to protect his son, Hunter Biden, from investigation.

President Trump has resurrected an issue that has been investigated by the Ukrainian government, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Bloomberg, CNN and others, none of which have found wrongdoing on Hunter Biden’s part.

The Ukraine prosecutor had oversight of investigations into a natural gas company at which Hunter was employed.


Did Joe Biden use his position as vice president to oust a Ukrainian prosecutor that was investigating his son?

And, did President Trump use his position as President to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rival?

Here’s a simple look at the two sides.

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