Airbnb: another technology platform trying to police itself

You’ve probably Airbnb-ed because it was cheap, and maybe because the rental had a cool, local vibe. But, have you lived next to a property that was listed for short-term rental? Strangers coming and going, music bumping, and, more recently, a mass murder at an Airbnb party house in California.

  • Jersey City has had enough. 70% of voters rejected short-term rentals in buildings of over five unites and, in all others, rentals are limited to 60 days each year when the owner is not present.
  • Airbnb is preparing for an initial public offering next year, so stakes are high to win battles that are being waged in cities across the country.
  • In an effort to respond to the recent crisis in California, Airbnb has recently pledged to certify all of its 3 million properties. However, it has no plan to do in-person inspection at each.

Read the CEO’s letter on the “peace of mind” the company hopes to bring to its guests and hosts.

Consider this: Jersey City rejected Airbnbs. Should we do the same? Check out the debate here.

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