Amazon’s cashless store opens in NYC

In New York City, you can now walk into an Amazon store, scan an app on your phone, shop for your stuff, and walk out. No cashiers. No lines. Just a list of purchases on your next statement.

Remember the deal between NYC and Amazon that went south last February, when union leaders and left-leaning politicians spooked Amazon into choosing a different east coast headquarters?

This cashless store has prompted politicians to consider rules that’ll impact Amazon–and consumers–once again.

the problem

Some say cashless stores discriminate against people who don’t have smartphones and bank accounts. New Jersey and Massachusetts have banned cashless retail, with few exceptions. Philadelphia has also passed similar laws.

Check out the debate for other concerns over cashless retail.

a cashless future

Cashless retail proponents argue that cashless stores help to prevent theft, lower business costs and promote a more efficient consumer experience.

Consider the argument here: Is it time to accept cashless stores?

And, geek out on the cashless retail, by the numbers.

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