Amazon’s huge take-its-ball-and-go-home move

The HQ2 deal is off for NYC.

  • After securing the coveted bid for the the second Amazon Headquarters, New York City just got cut loose.
  • Amazon’s decision follows weeks of protests against financial breaks promised to Amazon, union concerns, rent increase worries and more.
  • $3 billion in state and city taxes was expected from the 25,000 plus new jobs the company would’ve brought.
  • Yet, in a highly political move, a New York state Senate leader from Queens and outspoken critic of the plan was recently nominated to the state board that would have one-vote veto power over the development plan, effectively sending the tech giant the message: don’t count on approval.

What went wrong? Geek out on a simple, step-by-step of the deal-gone-sour.

And, when the largest company in the world wants to set up its headquarters in your city the opportunities and consequences need to be weighed. WordStirs takes a look at the debate here.

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