Are you haunted by ghosting? You’re not alone.

You’re interested in someone, you’re talking, getting to know each other…

then, nothing. No response to your text.

You text again, but nothing–just your sorta lame text from earlier.

One more try; still nothing.

You’ve been ghosted.

you’re not alone

In a new survey conducted by dating app Plenty of Fish, among 800 single U.S. and Canadian participants aged 18 to 33, 80 percent reported being dumped without explanation.

rejection is possibly one of the most painful experiences a human can endure

Rejection is evolutionarily significant. Around the campfire, if we were voted out of the tribe, we weren’t going to survive. So, there are well-worn pathways in our brain to make sure we disproportionately feel and remember rejection so we correct our behavior.

But, is ghosting the best way to reject someone? Or does it just show a lack of manners or spinelessness? You might be surprised by the debate.

Are you tired of getting ghosted? Check out these online dating apps that are working to exorcise it from their site.

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