Kurds or Turkey: which relationship is more important to us?

Turkey has a long history of suppressing free speech but it’s part of a complicated region where it’s not easy to figure out who are the good guys. Here’s one way of looking at the Kurdish/Turkey/U.S. relationships:

U.S. relationship with Turkey is most important.

Turkey is a NATO member

NATO is the  North Atlantic Treaty Organization which which states that an “armed attack against one” NATO member “shall be considered an attack against them all.”

the Kurds are terrorists

The Kurdish Worker Party (or PKK) has been using car bombs, suicide attacks and other acts of terror against the elected government of Turkey for many decades as they fight for Kurdish autonomy.

U.S. should pursue its interest to defeat ISIS.

Turkey’s President Erdogan and the Kurds

Erdogan is trying to force the Kurds to let go of their cultural identity and assimilate into the (government’s) dominant culture.  

An example: Most Kurds opposed a coup attempt on Erdogan’s government yet they were targeted in the post-coup government crackdown, leading to detainments, loss of jobs and physical harm. 

The Erdogan regime is considered by the international community to be ruthless and intolerant.

U.S. interest

The U.S. considers the Kurds to be the group most capable of taking on ISIS.


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