Between fires and mass shootings, California can’t catch a break


Two major wildfires are ravaging two sides of California.

  • The Woolsey fire in southern California may have killed two people, destroyed hundreds of homes, and forced more than 300,000 to evacuate–including from the town of Thousand Oaks, that is still mourning the murder of eleven residents at the hands of a mass shooter last week.
  • The Camp fire, north of San Francisco, has charred over 105,000 acres and leveled 7,000 homes and buildings. It is the most destructive and deadly wildfire in state history.
  • It started at 6:30 a.m, last Thursday in a canyon with steep slopes. By 10 a.m., it covered 5,000 acres. It continued for 11 miles in its first 11 hours, destroying 80 acres per minute.
  • The fire is about 25 percent contained, with full containment expected by Nov. 30.

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