Bump stock: capable of 90 shots in 10 seconds

One of the many Las Vegas shooting massacre questions quickly became: how did the shooter kill so many people so quickly?

The answer: an inexpensive, online purchase that modifies a semiautomatic rifle to fire like an automatic.

The bump stock replaces the rifle’s stock, which is the part you hold against your shoulder. With this upgrade, the energy from the “kick”or “recoil” when the weapon fires is used to push the trigger back into your finger, firing the rifle again.

An automatic fires repeatedly with one trigger pull, but it’s been illegal in this country for about three decades. A semi-automatic is legal but it fires only when the trigger is pulled.

Enter the bump stock: this legal modification makes the semi-automatic work more like an automatic.

In case you’re in the market for an upgrade, you probably won’t find this one. Since the bump stock has been in the news in connection to the Las Vegas massacre, and could potentially be taken out of circulation, gun store owners report a run on the product.

Check out the New York Times article and listen to the sound of the rifles used in the Orlando night club massacre, the one used in Las Vegas, and a (banned) automatic. It’s chilling.

Click here to read the NY Times article.

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