Debating Science & Tech

Is it time to put restrictions on social media?

I don’t think the question is about whether or not the Mueller investigation should continue. Seems to me, the question is whether or not we should regulate social media in order to prevent Russian interference.

Debating Science & Tech

Electric versus gas: which cars make more sense?

Whether you see the change from gas to battery as a strategy for better climate health or you’re drooling over the super-sleek Tesla, electric cars are profoundly changing the auto landscape.

Debating Science & Tech

Guns: control the weapon or the hands that use it?

The U.S. is not the most violent country in the world–by a long margin–but U.S. homicide statistics lead the pack when compared to similarly wealthy countries. Should we do something about it?

Debating World

Scrap the Iran nuclear deal?

In simple terms: in 2015, sanctions were lifted in return for Iran stopping its nuclear program. Should we try to cut a better deal?

Debating Politics

Build the Wall?

Trump says he will build an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall.” This debate goes beyond walls, however.

Debating Lifestyle

Is social media making you less social?

“if it were not for the sharing of viral videos on Facebook, or the retweeting of hashtags as #OscarsSoWhite, or the protests of the #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) social media movement, some Americans may still believe racism to be a figment of minorities’ imaginations.”