Debating Politics

Impeachment rules: Trump versus Clinton

“What was good enough for President Clinton in an impeachment trial should have been good enough for President Trump,” said Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell as Democrats pushed for a guarantee that new witnesses and documents could be admitted in the Senate trial.

Debating Lifestyle

Should we give up beef burgers and switch to eating Impossible?

One way livestock contributes to greenhouse gases by burping and farting methane into the air. Since the concentration of methane in the atmosphere has more than doubled since the Industrial Revolution, and methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, cattle-raising practices are under scrutiny.

Debating World

Are we headed for WW3?

Iran feels as though it’s facing a threat to its existence. With that, they have, essentially, two choices: back down or attack. So far, they’ve attacked. And the US punched back. Clearly, neither side has been able to get the other to back down.

Debating Environment

Should we stop using plastic?

It’s versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture resistant, and strong. Its probably going to be used more, not less–especially in countries that are the biggest contributors to plastic pollution. We have a plastic problem.

Debating Business

Is it time for tech firms to unionize?

While WeWorkers haven’t unionized, they have banded together similar to other recent collective efforts at other large tech companies like Google and Amazon.

Debating Politics

Is it time to out the whistleblower?

Considering the enormous impact of an impeachment–and the possibility of removing an elected president– do Americans have the right to know who put the process into action? Is it time to give up the whistleblower’s name?