Geeking Out on Education

COVID-19 map, August 2020

In Georgia, where there remains significant community spread, class sizes have not been significantly reduced and mask wearing is optional. 

Geeking Out on Politics

What is Trumpism?

Heard of Trumpism, but not sure what it stands for? Let’s take a look.

Geeking Out on Science & Tech

What the coronavirus does to the body, explained simply

The coronavirus is able to gain entry into cells by using the protein ACE-2 as a receptor that then unlocks the cell to the invading virus. Once inside, the virus uses your own cell to reproduce, eventually busting out of the cell and spreading.

Geeking Out on Science & Tech

Pandemic readiness: CDC guidelines

Your hands are a conduit for infection: wash them (20 seconds, with water) and keep them off your face (eyes, mouth, nose are all portals for the infection to enter your body).

Geeking Out on Lifestyle

What is victim blaming?

Victim blaming is when a victim of a crime is held partially or fully responsible for the crime with regard to choices he or she makes.

Geeking Out on Lifestyle

Nuro: delivering on safety

Nuro is the first fully self-driving, on-road vehicle designed to transport goods. It has had an initial green light from the government, and now it needs to deliver on safety.

Geeking Out on World

Homelessness, worldwide

About 2% of the world’s population, or approximately 150,000 million people, are straight-up homeless, and about 20%, or 1.6 billion, live in inadequate housing.

Geeking Out on Politics

What are the Iowa caucuses?

Iowa isn’t the only state that caucuses but–as the first in the election cycle–it’s the most famous, and most able to make or break a candidate.