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Open letter to Fox News regarding misinformation they’re spreading

Fox News has been derelict in its duty to provide clear and accurate information about COVID-19. As the virus spread across the world, Fox News hosts and guests minimized the dangers, accusing Democrats and the media of inflating the dangers (in Sean Hannity’s words) to  “bludgeon Trump with this new hoax.”

Geeking Out on Science & Tech

What the coronavirus does to the body, explained simply

The coronavirus is able to gain entry into cells by using the protein ACE-2 as a receptor that then unlocks the cell to the invading virus. Once inside, the virus uses your own cell to reproduce, eventually busting out of the cell and spreading.

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Pandemic readiness: CDC guidelines

Your hands are a conduit for infection: wash them (20 seconds, with water) and keep them off your face (eyes, mouth, nose are all portals for the infection to enter your body).

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What is victim blaming?

Victim blaming is when a victim of a crime is held partially or fully responsible for the crime with regard to choices he or she makes.

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Nuro: delivering on safety

Nuro is the first fully self-driving, on-road vehicle designed to transport goods. It has had an initial green light from the government, and now it needs to deliver on safety.

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Homelessness, worldwide

About 2% of the world’s population, or approximately 150,000 million people, are straight-up homeless, and about 20%, or 1.6 billion, live in inadequate housing.

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What are the Iowa caucuses?

Iowa isn’t the only state that caucuses but–as the first in the election cycle–it’s the most famous, and most able to make or break a candidate.

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What is a coronavirus?

As the disease has spread, patients are now reporting they’ve not been anywhere near the animal markets, which means the infection is now being transmitted from person to person.

Geeking Out on Sports

Sign stealing rules

Runners on second base watch the catcher so they can tell their batter what to expect from the next pitch. That’s legit. But, watch (from somewhere else) with binoculars, and it’s illegal. In the 1950’s, the Giants used a telescope. That was illegal too.

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Simplest summary ever: What is Medicare-for-all?

Medicare-for-all is a topic that divides Democratic candidates so it’s probably going to come up many more times in future debates. No worries. Here’s a simple explanation you’ll never forget.

Geeking Out on World

Timeline leading up to killing of General Soleimani

In Iran, oil prices spiked this fall sending thousands of protestors to the streets. They were considered the biggest protests against the government in decades, and the authoritative government cracked down hard, killing hundreds of its own civilians and injuring thousands more.

Geeking Out on Environment

Plastic fast facts

Last year, only 9.5 percent of plastic was recycled and 15 percent was burned to create electricity or heat.