Quick Facts on World

Coronavirus spreads to 4 US states

About a month ago, a new coronavirus showed up in Wuhan, China, probably from contact with an infected animal in a local market. Since then, it’s sickened an estimated 4500 people and caused about 106 deaths. It’s been confirmed in five US states.

Quick Facts on Lifestyle

Veganism makes the stage at Golden Globes

While only a few percent of US consumers self identify as vegans, the Economist reports one-quarter of 25-34 year-olds say they are vegans or vegetarians.

Quick Facts on Politics

Three law professors describe Trump’s conduct as impeachable; one does not

President Trump is accused of pressuring the president of Ukraine to investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden, who seemed likely to be Trump’s political opponent in the 2020 election. He is also accused of obstructing justice by blocking the testimony of witnesses, intimidating witnesses and refusing to comply with subpoenas.

Quick Facts on Business

Black Friday: move over

This year more people are expected to forego the chaos and stay at home to shop.

Quick Facts on U.S.

President Trump’s investigation into corruption

Did President Trump ask for investigation into corruption because he believed doing so was appropriate considering Ukraine’s history of corruption? Or, did Trump ask for an investigation into corruption because he believed doing so would make Joe Biden look bad?