Childish Gambino makes Grammy history by shaking Americans up

Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” snagged top honors at the Grammys for record and song of the year, becoming the first rap song to win in either category. It also won best rap/sung performance and best music video.

“This is America” and its jarring and violent video had a massive viral release last May and became one of the most talked-about musical accomplishments of 2018. It has since had nearly 500 million views on YouTube.

Childish Gambino did not show up to accept the award. Depending on your read of “This Is America,” this could have been a response consistent with his theme.

The Grammys have come under fire for their lack of diversity and recognition for hip hop artists. Geek out on some of their course corrections here.

And, ready for the best analysis of “This is America?” WordStirs has got you covered: one theme, and the ways the video supports it. Check it out here.

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