Choose Love: a store that sells goods that support refugees

Imagine a world where you can shop your heart out, leave with nothing, and feel great about it.

You’ll find it at Choose Love, a store that has found a way to commercialize help for refugees.

Interested? Better shop early.

Black Friday shoppers lined up in front of the new NYC pop-up store called Choose Love in order to purchase items that are then sent to refugees across the world. The concept started in London, and this year marked the debut of the West Broadway, Soho, brick and mortar.

Items to be purchased are split into three groups:


These items cover basics for survival for those who are forced to flee their homes often with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing. You can chose among hot food, life jackets and blankets.


These items provide “humanity” for survivors of war and conflict who now spend years in refugee camps waiting for resettlement. They include things like hygiene kits and hot showers.


These are items that help refugees to start over, including school supplies, medical care and phones.

Choose Love reminds us: You don’t need permission to make a difference.

Isn’t it time to understand a little more about changing refugee policy? Start by geeking out on the numbers (and how they’ve changed). Then, consider this: Should we let in more or fewer refugees?

Who are YOU today?

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