Corruption: a core question to the impeachment hearings

Corruption in Ukraine is a central issue in the impeachment hearings.

We will be asked to decide:

Was our president questioning US support for a country that is known for its corruption?

Or, was he corruptly asking for help to fight an opponent in our upcoming presidential election?

Ukraine’s corruption is a thing

In the past Ukraines would pay a bribe in order to visit a doctor, obtain a passport or a driver’s license. Business permits were awarded this way, appointments to positions in government: the same. Pensions disappeared. Military supplies were re-sold. And, with courts on the grift, there was little recourse.

There has been progress, however. And the newly elected President Zelensky ran on a platform of ending corruption.

Why is Ukraine so corrupt? How has the US involved itself in these issues in the past?

In order to come to a conclusion about whether or not President Trump was innocently trying to root out corruption before sending aid to Ukraine, we need to understand a little more about that corruption, don’t you think? Check out a simple summary here.

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