Cyber Monday takes on Black Friday: which will win?

Used to be, Black Friday was in-store sales only, and Cyber Monday was for online bargains. Now, the lines are blurred between the two so we thought we’d dive into which venue is better for bargains.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the showdown.

Black Friday, all the way.

been around longer

The term “Black Friday” probably dates back to the 1960s when police in Philadelphia had to battle traffic and crowds on the day before the annual Saturday Army-Navy game. It evolved into the modern bargain hunting event that has become a family tradition for some.

Cyber Monday was created around 2005 as a marketing tool for online retailers.

best for electronics

If you’re shopping for electronics, Black Friday is historically the best time to find the lowest prices on big ticket items like TVs, home appliances and gaming consoles–deals so epoch they result in concrete camping and other extreme sports.

toys can sell out

Toys are not only discounted, the more popular items sell out for the holidays giving plenty of incentive to battle for parking.

Cyber Monday’s killing it.

no lines

No lines, no traffic, no jockeying for a parking spot. No crabby employees. No stampedes or fights or deaths.

…just jammies, a warm bed, two or three dogs and a steamy mug of cocoa with a swirl of whipped cream.

Watch this.

‘nough said.

less impulse spending

Is money saved when customers are lured into spending on impulse buys? Approximately 52% of people have purchased something on sale on Black Friday that they later regretted.

biggest single shopping day

2019 Cyber Monday could be the biggest online shopping day in US history, with an expected total of $10 billion in sales.

in-store purchases are slipping

More than half (54%) of US consumers say they will do most of their holiday shopping online, according to data from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

discounts are better, on average

According to Honey, an online shopping extension that helps to locate best deals, last year’s Cyber Monday average savings per purchase was about 21%, and Black Friday savings was about 18.5%.

but, it depends on what you’re buying

Cyber Monday has great tech deals, and even though you’ll seen them on Black Friday, you’ll have your chance to catch them on your computer on Monday.

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