Day two: Zuckerberg under fire

Mark Zuckerberg faced a (slightly) more tech-savvy House crowd on day two of his testimony.

House members were generally more pointed and insistent in their questions at day two’s hearing, grilling the billionaire on his company’s use of data and the way in which its privacy settings protected (or didn’t protect) it. He was asked about the possibility of regulations and why he has not taken sufficient action against information harvesting and targeted messaging, especially in light of the Russian investigation. He was also questioned about whether or not his site had a liberal bias, and the names Diamond and Silk came up several times as an illustration of this bias.

Note: A hearing is a meeting of a Senate, House, joint or special committee that’s usually open to the public and has the purpose of gathering information in order for the committee to investigate, oversee, legislate or nominate.

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