Doxxing: online grenade

Let’s say: Bob wants to embarrass Harry so he searches Google, Facebook, LinkedIn–every online site he knows, eventually finding personal information on Harry. Bob posts the information on Harry on social media. He might even ask other people to add more information, if they can. He might even tell people to mess with Harry, by calling or texting him.

Harry has been doxxed.

Doxxing is pulling together public information about someone and making it available to others. Like, using facial recognition software to identify alt-right protesters in Charlotte and then posting their identity to social media. Of course, mistakes can be made in doxing. Do you remember the incorrectly identified Boston bomber? Oopsie. Oh, and an Arizona professor’s life was turned upside down when he was mistakenly thought to have been present at Charlottesville.

Facial recognition software isn’t perfect.

Doxxing is a weapon in the war against hate. But, according to a former white supremist-turned-rehabiliator for the alt-right we need to integrate extremists back into society, not drive them from it.

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