Emergency declaration to be shut down by Congress

President Trump signed an emergency declaration in order to make $3.6 million available to build a border wall.

  • With that, he hopes to have the authority to move military construction money to fund the border project.
  • However, the House voted to block the declaration on the grounds that the president is attempting to go around Congress and fund a project that they had rejected.
  • The constitution designates the legislative branch as co-equal to the executive branch (the president), and as having the power of the purse, or the power to allocate money for projects.
  • But, legislation also grants the president broad power to act in the face of a national emergency, including the ability to re-distribute funds as necessary.
  • The vote goes to the Senate next.
  • All 47 Democratic senators are expected to vote against the emergency declaration, as well as at least four Republican senators, giving the Senate the simply majority it needs to reject the President’s declaration.

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