Many colleges fail to develop critical thinking

Four years of college may not guarantee you’ll improve one of the most important skills for the current job market.

The Wall Street Journal studied the test results from hundreds of colleges that gave the CLA+ or College Learning Assessment to their freshmen and senior students.


Because the CLA+ looks at whether or not the student can:

1. make an argument that holds together
2. determine the quality of the data that’s provided to answer a question
3. and whether he or she can interpret the data.

They look at these three things in their incoming freshmen and outgoing seniors. Then, they compare the numbers to see if the seniors are doing better than the freshman.

The test was meant to answer the question: Are colleges teaching students to think critically?

And, guess what? Not all colleges wanted those test results made public.

Because, guess what? In more than half the schools that gave the test and then handed over their responses to the Wall Street Journal the answer is: no. They are not teaching students to think critically. Half the schools showed—that after four years of college— critical thinking skills had not improved.

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