FREE FOOD at work

Work for Panda Express and you can have any food you want, free of charge–including orange chicken with fried rice. At Ben & Jerry’s you’ll get three free pints of ice cream EVERY DAY.

Airbnb has a daily company-wide lunchtime.

At Bon Appetit a professional chef rings a bell when lunch is ready, and employees roll in for their break.

Get this one: In-N-Out Burger gives out FREE, UNLIMITED In-N-Out Burgers to employees. Getting hungry now?

The perennial need to attract, keep and motivate has led companies to provide free food for employees, once seen as a perk reserved for squeezing out a few extra hours from overworked institutional bankers.

Is this the best way to motivate employees? Let’s take a look. And, Geek out on the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the workplace. HINT: In-N-Out Burgers might not be the best motivators (for some).

Who are YOU today?

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