Photographer released after detention in Turkey

Turkey’s recent victim of civil rights abuse was lucky enough to go home.

While in Turkey, French photographer Mathias Depardon had his journalistic privileges revoked on suspicion of “propaganda {for} a terrorist organization” when taking pics of the Kurdish Worker Party.

Depardon tried to get his license back but he was denied.

So, he started a new assignment without a license. Which lead to his arrest. And detainment.

Two weeks went by, and President Macron from France called President Erdogan from Turkey. They have a little chat. And Depardon is released.

A couple of things about Turkey:

  • Erdogan made things even more oppressive for the press following a failed military takeover of his government.
    • In the uprising, Erdogan Face-Timed his country and asked his supporters to take to the streets to resist the takeover.
    • They did.
    • Erdogan remained in power.
  • Recently, Erdogan made changes in the Turkish government that effectively changes it from a democracy to a dictatorship.

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