Fur now banned in California, forever changing the industry and consumer access

Fur is now legally banned in California, reflecting a growing movement in the fashion world to create only no-fur designs. Similar bills have been introduced in New York City and Hawaii.

The bill outlaws the sale and manufacture of new fur clothing and accessories. It takes effect Jan. 1, 2023, allowing retailers time to sell off their inventory.

The law is about the selling of fur and not the wearing of fur, which is still legal.

Exceptions have been made for religious observances and other traditional or cultural purposes.

Sheapskin and shearling are also still permitted.

Sheepskin and shearling are allowed even though they are technically considered “fur.”

What is shearling and why is it exempt from the ban when it is technically considered fur? Check it out here.

Has your favorite fashion label joined the no-fur movement? Check out the list here.

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