Golden Globes go vegan

The Golden Globes has had its share of diversity issues, disputes over who should get what award, and, then, of course, the messy association with Harvey Weinstein. This year they struck a progressive pose and boldly served a vegan cuisine, reflecting a growing movement across the world.

by the numbers

People in the US identifying as vegan, or those that have given up all animal-based products, is probably still in the single-digit range. Numbers vary, with some figures are as high as 6%, possibly because the data is based on self-reporting, and definitions of “veganism” can vary.

Regardless, the number of vegans in the country is still pretty small. The number of carnivores that are now including plant-based foods in their diet is on the rise, however, thanks to popular products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Beef, including the Impossible Whopper now sold at Burger King. Over 90% of Beyond Meat-eaters are meat-eaters.

Sales of plant-based alternatives to meat, cheese, milk and eggs grew 17% over the past year, while, overall, U.S. food sales went up by about 2%.

hating on vegans

Twitter lit up with criticism of Golden Globes’ vegan meal, and the hypocrisy of privileged Hollywood elites driving in individual limos to their gala only to be required to show concern with the environment by abstaining from animal products.

Hating on vegans is a thing, though.

Melanie Joy, psychologist and author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows explained to the Washington Post that the labeling of vegans as hypocritical is a way of discrediting their message.

Or, maybe carnivores see vegans are virtue signalers.  Maybe they’re symbolic threats to the status quo. Maybe vegans make carnivores squirm, the if-you-don’t-eat-meat-then-you’re-accusing-me-of-being-amoral affront.

role models

Beyonce. Ellen DeGeneres. Bill Clinton. Cory Booker. Joaquin Phoenix. Peter Dinklage. Al Gore. Arianna Grande.

All vegans.

Thinking about veganism? Here’s a few simple recipes to help with the transition.

Meat substitutes are taking the country by storm. Check out the debate: Should we give up beef burgers and switch to eating Impossible?

Who are YOU today?

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