Hit on Soleimani increases chance of war

Iranian drone strikes, attacks on oil tankers, attacks on a Saudi oil pipeline, US retaliatory strikes–all the war-like back-and-forthing between Iran and the US has left the world on edge since the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.


The US took out probably the most influential military leader in the region–both feared and respected by nearly all.

And Iran has pledged to retaliate for it.

a  few things to know

  • The US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal with hopes of getting a better deal. They imposed brutal sanctions on Iran to try to push Iran into discussions on a new deal. A month ago, feeling the effects of rising prices, the worst protests against the regime sprang up in over 100 cities countrywide. A brutal crackdown followed, with the regime killing hundreds of its own citizens and injuring thousands more. Still, Iran was not willing to talk about a new nuclear deal.
  • But, Iran started acting out: against oil tankers, sending drone attacks and even seizing control of several British ships. They hit an oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia. They killed a US contractor during an attack on a military base. The US struck back: Recently a drone strike/retaliation took out several dozen Iranian military personal.
  • The hit on General Soleimani was the biggest US retaliation so far, and increased the chances of going to full-out war.

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