Houston Astros cheated the year they won the World Series title

The Houston Astros stole signs for a competitive advantage during the 2017 season and playoffs, as well as part of the 2018 season.

Commissioner Rob Manfred came down hard on the team, handing out the stiffest penalties in the history of Major League Baseball, including a $5million fine, one-year suspensions for the manager and the general manager, and a loss of two years of first and second round draft picks.

The Astros did not lose their title earned during the time that they were cheating. Should they have? Laura and Tim debate it here.

what is sign stealing and why did they do it

Sign stealing is decoding the signals that are sent to and from the pitcher to indicate what type of ball he’s sending.

Let’s say you’re at bat.  If you know what’s coming, you have a huge competitive advantage. Some pitches are so fast they can require a swing that starts before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

Some sign stealing is okay in baseball; some is not. Geek out on the rules here.

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