How #ReleaseTheMemo went viral

Politico magazine used a social media intelligence group to analyze the #ReleaseTheMemo that went viral just prior to Trump’s release of the report that was critical of the FBI investigation of Russian interference in our election.

It’s conclusion: the hastag either originated from or was spread through computational propaganda.

  • Computational propaganda is the use of communication technology to influence behavior. It distorts and amplifies even fringe views in ways that we’ve not seen from communication technology before.
  • The hastag was spread through legitimate activity, helped by conservative media and lawmakers. But it was also pushed by a large number of newly created accounts and non-human campaigns.
  • By comparison: during a similar amount of time during the Women’s March—a million marchers demonstrated across the country—the #womensmarch2018 hashtag was used 87,000 times per hour.

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