Impeachment process begins

An anonymous complaint was filed against President Trump based on several acts that the “whistleblower” found concerning.

Note: A whistleblower is protected from losing his or her job, and their identity is protected. They are usually also required not to “leak” the information in the complaint.

  • The whistleblower complaint was considered “urgent” and “credible.”
  • This complaint, by law, was supposed to go to oversight in the House for their review. It was blocked by the Trump administration.

The complaint

The President withheld aid to Ukraine in order to pressure Ukraine to investigate political opponent Joe Biden.

The Biden bit

The President has resurrected an old, and already-investigated claim that Biden fired Ukraine’s prosecutor general in order to protect his son from inquiry.

Regardless of Biden

If Trump DID use his office to pressure a foreign government to do something against a political rival, that’s likely an abuse of power.

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