Impeachment: unspun questions to consider

There are aspects to the impeachment inquiry that we can and should talk about; components that are not clear, yet will determine our president’s fate. But, in order to sort out some really difficult, core questions we also need to wade through some super annoying spin.

spin from the Whitehouse

A talking points memo was written by the Whitehouse and disseminated to Republicans and then to Democrats, by accident. OOPSIE.  The memo was quickly pulled back but not before it was posted on social media.

Here’s the full text, pulled from Twitter.

The “Deep State” is among the reasons that the impeachment process was begun, according to the memo.

Do we have a “deep state” of people who are out to get the President? Or a state that is committed to checks and balances, which creates tension for the people in power?

Rather than evaluating the memo, let’s just move on to core questions regarding impeachment.

moving on from the spin

Should President Trump be impeached because of a phone call that does not explicitly show a withholding of aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine investigates Joe Biden? Or is the implicit “ask” so clear that it makes an explicit demand irrelevant?

Should we trust second-hand information assembled by a whistleblower who has political bias?

Why is the corruption narrative—that President Trump was simply asking for an investigation of corruption in Ukraine—so flawed?

Here’s a simple breakdown of both sides.

Who are YOU today?

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