Impossible Whopper brings plant-based burgers to your local Burger King

Impossible beef is coming to Wegmans grocery stores, joining 17,000 restaurants nationwide, including Hard Rock, White Castle, Burger King and more.

what is “impossible”

The Impossible Burger is a veggie burger that tastes so similar to beef, some people can’t tell the difference.

Traditional veggie burgers made from beans and lentils, and are generally eaten because they’re healthy.

The Impossible Burger is a processed blend of soy and potato protein. The outside gets charred when its cooked from the addition of coconut and sunflower oil–that also contribute to saturated fat content. The inside is juicy and pink from a GMO “heme” compound from soy that has been designated as safe from the FDA.

The Impossible Burger isn’t trying to appeal to health-conscious vegetarians; it hopes to tempt beef eaters who are interested in reducing their beef consumption, maybe to do their part to reduce greenhouse gases.

Is it healthy? Let’s take a look.

Want a list of restaurants and stores that carry it? Check this out.

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