Inspector general’s report: winners and losers show and how two sides are spinning the results

The inspector general’s report is released and–bam–Trump supporters are all over it, screaming about unfairness, and how this has been documented, and how this is evidence that the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion with Trump is based on political partisanship.

At the same time…

The inspector general’s report is released and–bam–Democrats are claiming victory, with clear evidence that a Republican misused his office to throw the election.

Let’s avoid that huge spin headache and look at both sides.

Trump supporters:

Unfairness has been documented by the report

For example, texts have been revealed that indicate personal bias from high-level FBI employees who were on the team that investigated Hillary Clinton.

James Comey’s credibility has tanked

James Comey (head of FBI and head of the investigation) acted with disregard to accepted standards within the FBI when he made public declarations regarding the Hillary Clinton investigating in the period leading up to the election.

This affirms Trump’s position that he was justified in firing James Comey, and that James Comey is a liar.

A problem for Trump supporters: Comey

While Comey is charged with insubordination by the attorney general, his actions were favorable to Trump. In other words, his public admonishments of Clinton favored the Trump team.

Also, while Comey’s ability to lead to the FBI may be in question, the reason Trump fired him was admitted by Trump himself in a TV interview (he said he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation). If Trump fired Comey because Comey wouldn’t stop the Russian investigation, this could be an obstruction of justice.

The other problem for Trump supporters: political bias

Employees of the FBI are allowed to have personal political views, they just can’t allow those views to affect their work. The inspector general found no evidence that the personal views changed the investigation.

Clinton supporters:

Unfairness has been documented by the report

James Comey went against recommendations and protocol when he made announcements regarding the Hillary Clinton investigation on two separate occasions. These announcements are widely viewed as having impacted the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

The problem for Clinton supporters:

Even though the findings by the report indicate that James Comey’s poor conduct may have helped Trump rather than hurt him, having James Comey’s integrity in question is a potential problem for the Mueller investigation (into Russian interference in the election) because he is a key figure in the case of obstruction of justice against Trump.

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