iPhone XS and XSMax hit the stores; XR is coming

Two new, expensive iPhones are in stores now; one slightly-less-pricey model is coming. Here’s a quick rundown:

iPhone XS
At about $1000, it’s a great phone, made even better .

  • The XS has a really good camera, it’s super fast, and it has duel SIM so you can use one phone for work and play. Or, you can use one phone for your U.S. plan, and the same phone when you travel, for non-U.S. calls. It has facial recognition, which makes the screen bigger because there’s no home button.
  • I’ve heard mixed reviews on facial recognition. Some say it takes too long for the phone to recognize the face; some say it doesn’t always recognize it. That feature will probably need some improvement.
  • The screen display is sharp, colorful and one of the best on the market.
  • It’s pocket-busting 5.8 inches big.

iPhone XS Max
It’s about $100 more than the XS.

  • It’s 6.5 inches and colossally big–the biggest ever, and surely will never fit in any crossbody bag that I own. It’s has a little better battery than the XS, it weighs more, but mostly it’s the same phone. It has the great camera, it’s screaming fast, all that.

iPhone XR
This lower priced model–a trim $749–will be available in October.

  • It has most of the same features as the XS, but with a lower-res screen and a better battery, according to Apple.

Note: Apple products are likely to be targeted by China tariffs. There shouldn’t be a problem during the holiday season but sales could be affected after that.

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