Jeff Bezos pushes back at National Enquirer and its political connections

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, has an affair around the time he announces he’s getting a divorce, give or take.

A sleazy article is written about his affair in the National Enquirer, which–if you’ve seen the tabloid on the news stands–comes as no surprise as they’re in the sleaze-peddling business.

Included in this embarrassing and sleazy article are (stolen) texts written by Bezos to his lover.

Even President Trump heaps abuse on Bezos:

Bezos has had it.

He launches his own investigation into how those personal texts end up at the tabloid and he accuses the tabloid of being politically motivated to print the story.

The National Enquirer comes in hot on that one, threatening to post naked selfies of Bezos–sexting pics–if Bezos doesn’t retract his accusation of political motivation.

Instead of trying to bury the story, Bezos blows it up by posting the threats from the Enquirer (that were laid out in email) and by describing the pics himself.


Bezos goes from zero to hero, from subhuman to superman.

Suddenly, President Trump is quiet on the subject.

Prosecutors are reexamining their plea deal with Pecker.

A connection to Saudi Arabia is under scrutiny.

And a stupid tabloid story takes on national significance.

Geek out on Trump’s involvement with David Pecker, the man responsible for the Bezos story. Then, consider this: was the Bezos story politically motivated? And, why is it so important to AMI that they are willing to risk their plea deal with Mueller by extorting Bezos in order to get Bezos to publicly state that there was no political motivation?

The possibilities are chilling.

Check out the debate here.

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