Michael Cohen gets a few things off his back about President Trump

President Trump’s former personal attorney, a man who “took care of” whatever issues arose during the ten years that he worked for Trump, testified to Congress. His statement began with simple, dramatic and direct words about the President:

He is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat.

Michael Cohen brought evidence of the above statements, and more, to a day of testimony during which Cohen looked tired, sometimes teary-eyed and often miserable.

Republicans did all they could to discredit his statements by throwing shade at him.

Democrats did all they could to extract information that could be useful for future investigations.

Overall, not much new information was revealed, yet the testimony was stunning in its detailed look at how President Trump operates. Or, allegedly operates.

Read the full transcript of Cohen’s opening statement here. It’s an easy read, and–since it’s probably going in the history books–you might as well take a few mins with it.

Then, consider: what were the main takeaways, and how could they be interpreted differently? Check out the debate here.

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