Midterm marijuana: your vote matters

Midterm votes could put some states closer to legalizing marijuana for medical or even recreational use. Missouri, Utah, North Dakota and Michigan will ask for input on the question.

  • 66% of Americans now support legalizing marijuana.
  • State governments have passed laws that allow either medical or recreational use of marijuana even though the federal government designates the drug to be illegal. This means–since federal law supersedes local law–federal charges can be brought against someone for marijuana use or distribution (regardless of local laws), but generally this is not a focus of the federal government.
  • Cannabis is a schedule 1 drug that has “no currently accepted medical use” and the government believes it to be harmful.
  • Yet, most states now allow patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy and other medical problems to use the drug.
  • The problem is at least partially because there have been no large-scale clinical studies on marijuana that could then prove the drug to have medical value. These studies are problematic when the drug is restricted by the federal government.
  • Uruguay and Canada are the only two countries in the world that have legalized marijuana.

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