Mormon leader accused of sexual assault, church uses statute of limitations to shut the case down

A Mormon church leader is accused of sexually assaulting a woman several decades ago. But, part of the case against him rests on an audio statement he recently made that suggests a confession. Is it still too late for a trial?

The Mormon church thinks so. The statute of limitations, or the amount of time allowed in Utah to bring legal action, has expired–even though Utah has recently changed this rule, the change does not apply to cases that were closed prior to the rule change.

The victim, McKenna Denson, reported several times over the past three decades that Joseph Bishop sexually assaulted her and yet the church failed to take disciplinary action.

Bishop has denied raping her but he admitted to police that he asked her to expose herself during the time he was working as the president of the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, according to police documents.

In this role, he had authority over hundreds of young Mormons preparing for their mission work.

The church claimed that it did not impose formal discipline on Bishop because it was unable to verify the allegations against him.

Denson, now 55, has said she wants the church to change the way it handles sexual abuse reports.

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