Paddington Bear: would this illegal immigrant find a home in Britain right now?

Paddington Bear, in his blue duffle coat and red Wellies, is a beloved British stuffed bear from the “darkest Peru” that has been in children’s books, TV and film since the 1950’s, winning awards and warming hearts with his love of marmalade and perfect British manners.

Paddington is also an illegal immigrant–the story goes–that assimilated into Britain’s culture after a loving couple found him at the Paddington station with a note tied around his neck from Aunt Lucy.

“Please look after this bear. Thank you.”

Britain made a recent statement about immigration when a (slim) majority approved the country’s exit from the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May has been banging out details–without much success, so far–of a plan to keep her country economically viable while stemming the flow of immigrants and retaining control and autonomy for her country: in other words, a plan for their exit from the EU.

why EU

The EU (European Union) was established in order to reduce political tensions (and the wars that were caused by them) by building a trade coalition.

It started out as eight states, and now includes twenty-eight of the biggest economies of the world, and functions a little like the United States: it’s a group of individual countries that works together to create rules that protect interests and facilitate the movement of goods, services and people.

exit EU

In June 2016, under the pressure from rising populist sentiment, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, put England’s participation in the EU to a vote. “Leave” won by a small margin.

Theresa May replaced Cameron as Prime Minister. Her job: to negotiate a Brexit deal (British exit) with the European Union.

She is working on issues related to trade, agriculture, tariffs, immigration and more.

Need a simple explanation of the European Union? Geek out on it here.

Why did the British surprise the world and vote to leave it? Why were some British voters opposed to the plan? Let’s take a look.

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