Pay for California college athletes could change all US amateur sports

California passed the Fair Pay to Play Act which could open the door for pay for college athletes across the US.

The new law requires colleges within the state of California to allow their athletes to earn money from licensing their own names, images and likenesses.

The law, which will start January 2023, does not require schools to pay athletes directly but rather makes it illegal for schools to prevent an athlete from earning money by signing autographs, for example, or for receiving endorsements–as long as the endorsements don’t conflict with team sponsors. In other words, if the team has a deal to wear a swish on their uniform, so must all the players.

The NCAA currently prohibits these play-for-pay efforts, and must consider whether to adjust to California’s rules, giving athletes across the country the same freedoms, or to ban California colleges from the Association and its competitions.

Should the NCAA change its rules? Is it time for pay-for-play? Check out the debate here.

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