Plastic fast facts

Plastic production has doubled about every 15 years, outpacing nearly every other man-made material.

Half of plastic becomes trash in less than a year.

91% of plastic is not recycled.

Plastic has created 8.3 billion metric tons of garbage.

where does it go?

Last year, only 9.5 percent of plastic was recycled and 15 percent was burned to create electricity or heat.

Mostly, plastic ends up in landfills where it may take up to 500 years to decompose, and potentially leak pollutants into the soil and water. The plastic that escapes the landfill settles into oceans.

It’s estimated that 165 million tons of plastic debris is floating around in the oceans right now, with an average of 8.8 million more tons entering the oceans each year.

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  1. Not that it’s the answer, but there are stores that sell old Christmas sweaters and shirts and are awful ugly. Since it’s only worn once a year, it would be a way to cut down on buying new.
    I hate the plastic bags from grocery stores. I always ask for paper if I don’t have enough bags. I know you can recycle them, but I’m always a little leery of where that goes.

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