President Trump’s letter to Nancy Pelosi documents narcissism

President Trump wrote a pre-impeachment letter to Nancy Pelosi that is an official record documenting his sense of victimhood and his attempts to distort the truth which may be indicators of narcissism.

what is narcissism

Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people truly believe they are more important than others. They also have a need for lots of attention and admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. These characteristics are an attempt to hide a vulnerability that relates back to childhood.

Note: While narcissistic personality disorder is a diagnosable condition, narcissism is a general term, used to describe people who are self-centered. For this article, we’re referring to the diagnosable condition–even though we switch between the two terms.

narcissists don’t self-reflect

Narcissists are deeply insecure and nearly incapable of self-reflection because self-reflection makes the narcissist feel vulnerable. (The narcissist avoids anything and everything that makes them feel vulnerable.) So, they don’t admit to being wrong–almost ever. Instead, they shift blame to the world around them. They are constantly the victims because they are better than most, and the world just doesn’t get them.

about lies

Narcissists live by their version of the truth, no matter how distorted. This distortion is created in order to protect a fragile ego. (The narcissist doesn’t want to feel vulnerable).

Narcissists are also over-the-top defensive. They will use lies to reform reality to ensure that they are “right.”

people around the narcissist

Psychologists refer to people around the narcissist as “flying monkeys” if they are willing to do whatever the narcissist asks, even if they don’t agree with the ask.

Flying monkeys are the people who don’t reveal predatory behavior, for example, like those who “looked the other way” for sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. They are the enablers of and apologists for bad behavior by the narcissist. They do this in order to avoid the wrath of the narcissist, or to gain some reward by aligning themselves with a strong narcissist.

gaslighting is a tactic used by the narcissist

The narcissist uses predictable tactics to maintain control of the world.

Gaslighting is used by narcissists in order to control their world by making a victim question their reality. They use lies, they deny having said something (even though there is proof that it was said), they say something has happened when it didn’t, or deny that something happened when it has. They mess with your head. They’ll pit you against your friends because it gives them power.

blaming by the narcissist

Narcissists don’t self-reflect and instead they look for someone to blame for the bumps that life brings. Narcissists use anger often and swiftly; it’s a go-to mechanism because it circumvents self-reflection and projects blame on others.

They use punishment, shame, insults and humiliation in order to make it perfectly clear that they are not wrong and this other person is at fault.

Narcissists also have an idealistic view of life, they have an image about the way things should be. When reality intrudes on their vision, they lash out and blame others.

there are many flavors of narcissism

A grandiose narcissist is the one that most people think of: he or she is arrogant and egotistical, and has a obvious lack of empathy for others. It’s all about him or her, the attention needs to be on them, they’re always wrong, the world is unfair and yet they still prevail.

A malignant narcissist has those same qualities, but are also mean: they may cheat, lie, or steal. They have some empathy, maybe for family but certainly not for all people.

A covert narcissist believes that life has done them wrong, they use passive-aggressive techniques to control the world. They often seem depressed, they’re hyper sensitive and blame the world for their failures. They are victims. They are misunderstood: the world hasn’t quite figured out how awesome and talented they are.

For more information check out this YouTube video or this report published by NYU that includes diagnostic tools for narcissistic personality disorder

The letter that President Trump sent to Nancy Pelosi just before he was impeached memorializes behaviors that are consistent with narcissists. Read the letter here. Then ask yourself: is President Trump’s behavior more explainable now? Here are some key passages to consider.

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