Prisons are breeding grounds for coronavirus

Prisons are nearly perfect breeding grounds for coronavirus: the population lives in close-quarters, with people who don’t necessarily have access to soap, or hand sanitizer, or good healthcare. Hallways are small and tight, by design.

And, the US’s over three thousand jails have high turnover rates, with thousands of people coming into and going out of the system daily, and potentially in and out of other vulnerable systems, like homeless shelters.

Worse, healthcare for inmates is sub-standard, as jails have turned to for-profit companies known as “correctional health care” which offer care at lower price points.

An investigation by the New Yorker shows these companies to have large numbers of lawsuits for neglect, malpractice, wrongful injury and death. Read more here.

About 40% of inmates have chronic health conditions, which could make them more susceptible to the coronavirus.

What to understand what the coronavirus does to your body? Geek out on a simple explanation here.

According to the WHO, China and South Korea have used effective techniques to contain the spread of COVID-19. How does China’s reaction to the coronavirus differ from the U.S.? Check out the debate here.

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