Rob Gronkowski retires from NFL

Rob Gronkowski, the 6’6, 265-pound tight end for the New England Patriots, 29-year-old, three-time Superbowl Champ, is hanging up his cleats after nine seasons.

Gronk was an offensive lineman-sized receiver, and too big, fast and athletic for most of the NFL. He was a team’s worth of energy and enthusiasm rolled into one guy, and the reason a lot of fans fell back in love with the New England Patriots.

more love for Gronk

He knew he could bring happiness, and he did it regularly and with joyfulness so many of the sick desperately need. He spent hours and hours visiting and entertaining kids at Boston Children’s Hospital, in costume, showing up when a kid asked, making wishes happen. Every year, he went bald for a cause, like pediatric cancer research.

He was also known for his dancing and partying, as well as his endless game-day preparation.

He doesn’t spend his NFL money, saving it for the future, living off endorsements instead.

Was he the greatest tight end of all time? Let’s take a look. And, for the JV footballers, we’ve got you covered: what is a tight end, anyway? Geek out on it here.

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