Sgt. Ron Helus gets a last hero’s salute from a shaken town

On November 7, 2018, in Thousand Oaks, California, a gunman walked into a country-western bar and slaughtered 13 people, including a police officer.

  • When the body of Sgt. Ron Helus–the first officer to respond to the attack at the Borderline Bar– was moved from the hospital to the morgue, thousands of people lined the streets to salute. Kids left classrooms, drivers pulled over. Highways, overpasses, and roads were clogged with people saluting their fallen hero, as helicopters buzzed overhead.
  • Helus was shot several times as he tried to stop the gunman. He planned to retire next year after 29 years of service.
  • Parts of Thousand Oaks is also evacuated due to wildfires.

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