Smile: you might be on hidden camera while staying at an Airbnb

A family staying in an Airbnb in Ireland discovered a hidden camera on the ceiling of their living room.

Hidden cameras are not allowed in Airbnb rentals, but Airbnb did not initially enforce its own laws, even allowing future guests to stay at the property without telling them there had been (or still was) secret surveillance.

Over 33 days, there were 10 stays by additional renters before Airbnb acted on the Barker family’s complaint.

The Barker family found the camera because Andrew Barker works in IT. He connected his phone to the WiFi network and noticed a device labeled “IP camera.” When he found the live video feed, the family watched themselves on their father’s mobile phone.

The family relocated to a hotel and notified Airbnb. Two weeks later, the company had listed the property on their site again.

Should Airbnb allow hidden cameras in its rentals as a way for owners to protect their property? Check out the debate here. Staying at an Airbnb? Geek out on some simple methods of detecting hidden cameras.

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