Social media summit of crazies

President Trump asked several hundred conservative journalists and media influencers to come to the White House for a “social media summit” to discuss anti-conservative bias on social media.

Two members of Congress attended.

No representatives from social media companies were invited.

“Some of you are extraordinary,” the president said to his crowd of fringe supporters. “The crap you think of is unbelievable.”

Read the President’s full statement here.

Among his guests were:

Mark Dice

Mark Dice is a conspiracy theorist and YouTuber. He uses his platform to talk about 9/11 being an “inside job” by our government. He organized a mailing campaign to send letters to soldiers in Iraq explaining this “truth.”

Dice also talks about NFL halftime shows as containing secret hand signals sent by our government to forces that are controlling the world.

He warned his followers that military exercises in 2015 would result in full martial law takeover of the country.

Dice has over a million followers.

He was invited to the White House.

Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka is a former White House aide, a current conservative radio talk show, and previous Breitbart editor who once led with the explosive headline:


Only, the Muslim Brotherhood wasn’t present at the event to which he referred, and the Cathedral wasn’t overrun. The event was a quiet, peaceful interfaith prayer service organized by the Washington National Cathedral and five mainstream Muslim organizations seeking to unite “voices of moderation.”

On his radio show, Gorka has blamed the Teletubbies for “that trans thing.” Same show, he recently said that the U.S. Women’s soccer team wants “to destroy everything that is wholesome in our country and in our Judeo-Christian civilization,” following inappropriate remarks made by team members during their NYC victory parade.

Gorka has a doctorate from a Hungarian university that has been criticized by dozens of academics; his research is light to nonexistent; his views on terrorism run contrary to experts in Muslim studies. He calls himself an Islamic expert despite never having lived in an Muslim-majority country and not speaking the language.

Gorka was invited to the White House.

While there, at the Rose Garden, Gorka got into a back-and-forth with CNN contributor Brian Karem. “You’re a punk,” he yelled at Karem. “You’re not a journalist, you’re a punk.”

Gorka stalked toward Karem like he’s about to lay Karem out, while other guests chanted, “Gor-ka! Gor-ka!”

Afterward, President Trump proclaimed Gorka a winner. “[Gorka] Wins Big, No Contest!” Trump tweets.

Ali Alexander

Conservative social media influencer Ali Alexander who comments on all things conservative, apparently watched the Democratic debates and then tweeted:

Harris was born in Oakland, California to a father from Jamaica and a mother from India. In the debate, she talked about growing up black, recalling a story about neighbors who wouldn’t let their children play with Harris and her sister because of the color of their skin. Ali Alexander, through his tweet, pushes the idea that only SOME blackness is American.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Alexander’s remark to his 3.6 million followers. Then, he unretweeted.

This person, Ali Alexander, was invited to the White House.

Bill Mitchell

Mitchell is the host of YourVoice America that describes itself as “the most uplifting Trump News & Analysis Talk Show in America.”

Through this, Mitchell has spread false rumors that presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg committed sexual assault. He also talks frequently about his support of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

What is QAnon?

Anonymous person named Q is supposed to be revealing top-secret information via clues, which QAnon fans call “breadcrumbs.”

Apparently, every president before Trump was a “criminal president” that worked with or supported the global banking elite, death squads run by Hillary Clinton, deep-state operatives, and various pedophile rings. In an effort to purge the government of these dark forces, the military convinced Trump to run for president.

Now, the story goes, Trump and his allies in the military will arrest these criminals, and send them off to Guantanamo Bay. This purge is called “The Storm” by QAnon fans.

On a recent episode of his “YourVoice America” program, Mitchell declared that President Trump must arrest Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the others very soon or else Trump’s base is going to be upset, which could endanger his re-election chances in 2020.

In this recent episode, Mitchell says:

“.. if they have led the base to this point and Donald Trump is having all this foreshadowing that this stuff is coming down and nothing happens, we’re going to have a big problem in this country. You’re going to have a very discouraged base and they’re not going to go out and vote. Donald Trump cannot be foreshadowing like this unless there is a payoff at the end and I believe that he realizes that.”

Mitchell has several hundred thousand followers.

He was invited to the White House.

Why do we love conspiracy theories? Check this out.

You’ve heard it many times: social media bias against conservative sites exists, and we need to do something about it. Let’s take a look.

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