Starbucks going no-straw by 2020

Starbucks plans to quit its plastic straw habit by 2020.

Order an iced coffee, and you’ll get either a “strawless lid” or a no-plastic straw as the company pledges to take part in the no-straw movement gaining popularity in the U.S.

why go no-straw

500 million straws are used and thrown out every day in the U.S.. From garbage cans, they go either to landfills or into waterways and oceans. And, the most common brand found by environmental clean up crews is the bright green Starbucks straw.

a movement that’s gaining ground

Starbucks may be the largest retailer to make the switch but it’s not the first: as of July 1, the city of Seattle outlawed all food service businesses from using plastic straws AND plastic utensils, a ban that includes restaurants, grocery stores, delis, coffee shops and food trucks.

Seattle has had an impressive environmental record even before its plastic-straw law. In 2009, Seattle banned foam products, and in 2010, it became a requirement that food service items be either recyclable or compostable. That same year, the city also mandated that businesses have compost and recycle bins.

But even New Jersey is going no-straw. The shore town of Monmouth Beach has jumped onboard by banning styrofoam, plastic bags and straws.

Why is it important? Geek out on a few facts on our plastic consumption, then ask yourself: can we live without it? Debate both sides of the issue here.

Check out this article by the Washington Post on the Starbucks initiative.

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