Suspect arrested in killing of rapper Nipsey Hussle

Los Angeles police arrested Eric Holder, who is suspected of killing Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle in front of his neighborhood clothing store.

According to police, Holder approached Hussle, they talked, and then Holder left. A little later, he came back with a handgun. He shot Hussle, and two other men.

Hussle, a former Crips gang member, used his success to improve the community from which he came with tangible, long-term solutions.

  • He rebuilt a school basketball court.
  • And, then, he opened a STEM center called Vector 90 to help develop computer science, coding and other science, technology, engineering and math skills in his marginalized neighborhood.
  • He took part in an arts project to celebrate the city’s black culture.
  • And, he opened Marathon Clothing–the store in front of which he was killed–which provided jobs for the neighborhood. Marathon is experimenting with an innovative retail format in which smartphones are used to order merchandise.
  • If he’d lived one more day, he would’ve also met with the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners and the chief of police to talk about how to stop gang violence. This was the plan for April 1.

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