The government shutdown and border wall headache

President Trump took to prime-time TV to make his case for a $5 billion taxpayer-funded wall on the US southern border, calling the situation a “national emergency.”

The Democrat-controlled House disputes his assessment, and has refused to pass legislation with wall funding.

Without a resolution, the government has been shutdown, affecting over 800,000 federal workers… with no end in sight.

The president made his case directly to the American people; Democrats followed with their perspective.

Check out the Debater for a detailed look at the president’s address.

And, Geek out on a timeline of important events leading up to the shutdown.

a few results from the shutdown

Among other things, the shutdown has caused garbage to pile up in national parks, it’s resulted in no paychecks for federal workers and a slowdown at airport security checkpoints.

At the border, many immigration judges have been furloughed, slowing a court system that is already backlogged by nearly 1 million cases. And, U.S. border agents are working indefinitely without pay.

“Morale is down in the dumps,” said one agent in South Texas.

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