The Mueller-hammer drops again: Trump’s friend and campaign advisor Roger Stone arrested

Self-described political “trickster” Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI.

He appeared in a D.C. courtroom and was indicted (or formally charged with crimes) by a Grand Jury (who are jurors that determine if there’s enough evidence to bring a case to trial).

Stone has been charged on seven counts of witness tampering, obstruction of justice and lying to the House intelligence committee.

“It’s rare that I’m accused of something that I’m not guilty of,” Stone told the New Yorker in 2008.

Among the charges, prosecutors accuse Stone of lying to Congress about his involvement with WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks posted unflattering emails stolen from Democrats by 12 Russian intelligence officers in order to affect the 2016 election outcome. According to prosecutors, Stone was talking to WikiLeaks about their release of these emails, and this discussion was at the direction of a “senior Trump campaign official.”

Following his first court appearance, Stone gave a statement.

“I look forward to being fully and completely vindicated,” he said, and then flung his arms into the air, with a two-handed V-for-victory sign that is associated with his hero, former President Nixon.

Note: When trying to establish innocence, aligning yourself with an impeached president may not be the way to go.

Roger Stone has written and discussed his rules of political life and there seems to be some stunning similarities to President Trump’s style of politicking. In our Debater, we look at Stone’s ideas and how they are echoed in Trump’s actions.

Also, Geek out on a list of Roger Stone political rules, which seem embedded in our current political culture.

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